Logistically we are ideally placed for all the main tracks in Ireland and transfers to England

We have the most idyllic back drop to our purpose built four furlong sand gallop and stiff five furlong hill gallop that has become part and parcel of honing skills and the fitness of the horses in our care.

With x acres of surrounding schooling area, purpose built hurdles and fences plus the standing paddocks it’s a set up that catches the eye as well as delivers perfectly for each and every horse’s needs.

We are set up in the hills of Moone, Co Kildare and when the horses get out on the surrounding hills and roads it’s a wonderful place to exercise and educate.

Worldclass Facilities

Work Gallop: Installed in October 2016 this is a curved 7 furlong gradual hill gallop with a Wexford sand and fiber surface.

Round Gallop: This is a circular four furlong Wexford sand gallop

Hill Gallop: This is a five furlong Wexford sand gallop that runs along the edge of Commonstown farm and the last 2 furlongs finish up a steep hill and leads in to the round gallop.

Horse walkers: There are two covered horse walkers at Commonstown. One can hold four horses and the other six horses. They have many different pre-set programmes and speed settings.

Outdoor Arena: All our horses are warmed up every morning before they go on to the gallops in our outdoor Arena.

Indoor Arena:  The indoor arena is used for breaking, lunging and jumping. All the young horses start their jumping education in the indoor arena. They are loose schooled over poles. When they have masters this they then move out to the schooling area. The indoor Arena is invaluable in bad weather and helps us keep the horses fit when we can’t get outside to exercise them.

Schooling Area: The schooling area has a row of five hurdles which are a combination of the Easifix and traditional hurdles. We have a row of three racecourse height chase fences and one baby chase fence for the racehorses to learn over.

Schooling Strip: The schooling strip has a row of three Easifix Hurdles and Fences on a Wexford Sand and fiber mix surface. This is perfect for schooling all year round.

Starting Stalls: We have a set of Startling Stalls which are invaluable and critical to teach the flat horses to be jump quick so there are ready for their big day at the races.

Hydrotherapy Spa:  Using chilled aerated saline water which is maintained between 2 – 4 degrees the Spa helps to reduce swelling and encourage healing in the lower leg injuries and also hardens tendons and ligaments. The saline water ensures that the wound is kept thoroughly clean and together with oxygenating jets increases blood circulation which speeds tissue re-growth and reduces overall healing time.

Stables: We have 90 boxes at Commonstown which are separated into 2 yards, 20 in the bottom yard and 70 in the top yard.

Transport: We have 3 Lorries for transporting our horses – a six horse box, and two two horse boxes. Our policy is to do all our own transport which we know reduces spread of infections.

Turning out Paddocks: We have 6 paddocks which we use daily to let the horses relax and play for a few hours.